Words From Our  Lead                   Aesthetician

Monthly  Facials

Good skin health requires knowledge and consistency.

Aestheticians give  good  advice on proper skin care. Today  a lot of  people  are receiving advanced skin  treatments, some are very hard on the skin.. Don’t forget to have a good moisture rich  facial  monthly. After about three months of advanced skin care,  it  is best to stay away from harsh chemicals or treatments that exfoliate and strip the superficial layer. Advanced Exfoliating methods should be done 3 0r 4 times a year for maintenance. Talk with your  aesthetician about the best  treatments  and methods that will not over dry the skin or destroy its natural acid mantle.     

The Skin Is Your Largest Organ

It needs to be a thought of Importance Improper attention can cause severe disease or unnecessary damage. The skin can reveal underlying health conditions you don’t even know you have. Bad habits; smoking or drinking in excess, prescription drugs, diet, lifestyle, work environment and sleep all have a lot to do with your complexion. Not including hormone imbalances which really can cause a world of circumstances. Keeping your skin balanced should be a conscious decision and effort. Bad skin can cause several emotional problems too.

Do Cleanse the skin twice daily. Morning & Night, to rid impurities and bacteria. Scrub The Skin Daily, Scrubs keep dead surface cells from clogging the pores,allows oxygen to flow, oil & sweat easily released. Tone the skin to neutralize the cleansing action. You can use witch hazel if professional toner not available. Use a treatment to alleviate unwanted conditions. Alpha Hydroxy acids soften fine lines & wrinkles, Vitamin C promotes collagen and evens hyper pigmentation. Bleachers brighten severe sun damage. Serums may hydrate, reduce redness, provide additional proteins & minerals. Mask are like hair conditioners, they should be done once or twice weekly. Moisturize to keep hydrated and balanced. Sunscreen for protection from UV rays. Know your skin type & condition, use quality products with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Have your skin checked monthly, receive facials & body treatments to spot unwanted conditions early.