Just For Teens

Teens need proper training on how to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Spa professionals can teach skin care and nutrition. Make-up applications, hair, proper manicure and pedicure tips.With a parent present they can even get body treatments, diet and exercise advise. Growing teens have a natural  desire to want adult experiences.You should introduce them to making healthy  choices that are fun, educational and relaxing. Spa services teach relaxation, builds self esteem and helps improve their look. It is very important for teens to feel good about how they look. Our teen  services does not involve altering their appearance but enhancing their appearance and teaching proper hygiene and grooming techniques.We don’t want to create shallow teens that care more about their outer appearance than  their inner spirit and character. Services are based on  teen levels, downplaying the importance of looks with encouraging a healthy self  image through beauty training techniques, self meditation, and relaxation.

Teens should know that beauty  isn’t something you should learn from superficial images from media  or modern  standards of society,  but how to embrace who they are inside.  Valuing  &  Cherishing  themselves are most important , knowing the good things they possess inside will offer society  a greatness,  just  by  them  being themselves.

Teen Queen For A Day  $150

Teen Facial      

Brow Wax (optional)

Manicure & Pedicure

Teen Make-up

Lashes & Body Art may be added for a special  occasion.

Extra  charges will apply

          Call To Create A Relaxed

Bonding Together  Spa Package

Mother & Daughter Girl Time

Just Me & Grandma Day

Father & Daughter Day

Mother & Son Spa Time

Remember Teens on Birthdays, Graduation, Prom, Christmas, Valentines, Spring Break, Summer Retreat, Back To School Make-Over